Last week we stated in Deals with Gold that you may want to save some pennies for the forthcoming Xbox Live Black Friday Sales. For Xbox Live Gold members savings will start early on 11/18 with everyone else’s deals starting on 11/22. If you are not a Gold member, memberships will be on sale for as a low as $1. No excuses to be found here.

In the video issued today to for the Xbox Live Black Friday sale for over 250 games at 40%- 60% off. Games on the list included but are not limited to: Gears of War 4 | Titanfall 2 | Battlefield 1 | Red Dead Redemption | Grand Theft Auto V | NBA 2K17 | Overwatch | Call of Duty Black Ops | Deus EX Mankind Divided | Forza Horizon 3 | Fifa 17 | Madden 17 | Hitman Episodes | South Park and The Stick of Truth | Skate | Ark | The Division | Call of Duty Infinite Warfare | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition | Recore |  Plus music and movies on sale as well.

Written by Kendra Alexander

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