Reservoir Dogs is one of Quentin Tarantino’s most iconic films. The film is about a bank heist gone wrong and the effect it has on the men involved in the dangerous job. It’s a violent movie full of excellent character development, tons of blood, and smart dialogue. The film is no stranger to the world of video games. In 2006, Eidos Interactive published a (mediocre) game based on the popular film.

One thing is for sure, if the final version of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is as good as the PAX East demo, fans of the cult classic heist film will be very happy. Simply put, it’s one of the best video games based on a film that I have ever seen. Due to a physical condition, I didn’t have the opportunity to actually play the game, but a representative for Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days walked me through the demo and explained the various gameplay mechanics found in the title.

First off, there are 18 missions and all six dogs make an appearance. Some missions will require players to use two dogs while others will allow the use of three of our “heroes”. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days features a top down perspective found in games such as Gauntlet Legends, Hotline Miami, and Hunter: The Reckoning. Gameplay is fast, responsive, and rewarding. There’s a unique gameplay mechanic that sets this game apart from others in the genre.


Your first character starts his turn. When starting a level, you can walk through the environment, shooting down the enemies trying to kill you. Unfortunately, there are way too enemies in each level. Chances are that you will be shot down before completing a mission. Luckily, you’ll have multiple chances to “save” your teammates. With the push of a button, you’ll rewind to the beginning of your first character’s turn and then be in control of your second dog. When you take control of your next character, the first person you control will follow the same path you went down.

This allows you to change the course of the game drastically. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that my three characters were Mr. Blonde (my main character), Mr. Pink, and Mr. Orange. Upon starting the mission, Mr. Blonde walks down a long hallway and is shot down by two guards patrolling from the left side of the level. He takes a lot of damage and ends the fight with very little health. Let’s also say that all of this took around 30 seconds. By pressing the spacebar on the keyboard, time reverses and I then take control or Mr. Pink, my next character. Mr. Blonde will automatically move down the path I sent him on, doing the same actions I made him do. This means that in 30 seconds, those guards will once again harm him. Fortunately, I have Mr. Pink who can move around the level in a different direction. Since I know what Mr. Blonde’s fate will be, I can move my next character down the left side of the map to take out the guards who shot at my first character, effectively saving his life.


There is a lot of depth to the gameplay. Not only is Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days a quest for survival, it’s also a game about getting the highest score. Killing enemies in fast ways (including using the time reversal mechanic) grant the player combo points which in turn, give them more points. As someone who loves to climb leaderboards, achieving high scores will keep me replaying levels.

 I watched two levels of the game and found myself so engrossed in what was happening on the screen. From the opening moments, I assumed that Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days would be a simple run and gun experience, but I was shocked at the amount of strategy that the game required. While I didn’t get my hands on with the game, the sheer difficulty of the game had me pumped to play it upon release since there will be controller support.  As a huge fan of the film, it made me so happy to see the characters I love back on the screen again. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days looks to be a worthy companion to the film and one of the best video game adaptations to hit the market in years. For those ready for a fun, strategic and violent experience, be on the lookout for the Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days later this year for PC and Xbox One.

Written by Andrew Gonzalez

Andrew Gonzalez has been playing video games since the NES. He’s owned basically every console since the Super Nintendo. When he’s not playing video games, Andrew is usually listening to music. Follow him on twitter @VersaVulture89 if you want to read about video games, movies, music, and comic books.

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