Episode 3: A New World Order of the Telltale Batman series has picked up the baton to move the story forward. The second episode ended strong, with many paths for the third episode to take. This median episode, on the other hand, fumbles as it reaches the climax of the story.

Bruce continues his downward spiral in A New World Order. In between a few bright moments, he faces a lot of loss. His actions only exacerbate many of the problems he faces. Every complication plays on his fear of being powerless, adding to his anxiety.


I found the story to be uninteresting – a narrative of side plots with very little payoff at the end. It makes for an unsatisfying tale that reminds me a lot of a CW show. For example, a sequence requires Batman to choose who he’s going to rescue. Regardless of who he rescues, the outcome remains the same. Player agency is effectively removed from the game, subtracting the substance of the story with it.

The Quick-Time sequences are all what you would expect. They were barely enough to break up the gameplay. Aside from an iconic image ripped from the comics, both are forgettable. Missing a button prompt heralded no consequence; Batman continued on as if nothing had changed. I began to question if I was required to play in the first place.


A New World Order is a forgettable episode that feels like it was made by an entirely different team than Children of Arkham. A lackluster story without any substance to move the median episode along makes this feel more like it was made out of obligation than to entertain. Hopefully episodes 4 and 5 will start to get better. If they don’t, Season 2 will be a hard sale.  


Written by Kendra Alexander

Final Score:  6 / 10

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